Why choose Mark Stein?
"I don't brag about my service, but my clients do!"

Mark makes a difference!

Mark Stein has over twenty five years experience in helping buyers and sellers successfully navigate and negotiate through all the hoops of buying and selling houses, condos, cottages, multi-family dwellings etc. Mark has the patience, skills and knowledge to deal with any situation concerning property transactions. He knows if he is ever unsure about anything he can always call upon his network of resources who are experts in their respected fields. This is another advantage of choosing Mark Stein, as his lifelong connections in the Halifax area are invaluable.

Mark Stein believes in offering the best possible service and always giving value for dollar spent. He has honed his negotiating skills, taken contract law courses and continually upgrades his education in areas that benefit his clients. Choosing Mark Stein and Priority 1 Real Estate is "Buying Local" and all monies are kept in the local economy. Modern creative marketing coupled with old fashioned one-on-one service makes a huge difference in the eyes of today's consumers. Mark Stein will not let you down. It's a guarantee!

My Philosophy

When it comes time to consider working with a real estate agent – you literally have hundreds of choices! There IS a big difference between Mark Stein and other real estate agents!

You may ask yourself – why do I even need my own agent to go BUY a house? Why can’t I just call the name on the sign? This is an excellent question. Here’s the answer:

You may ask yourself – why would I SELL my home with a boutique brokerage like Priority 1 Real Estate instead of an international brand?

There is indeed something to be said for old-fashioned one-on-one personal service – not being handed over to an “assistant” or a “junior agent” learning the ropes. “Thank you very much, but if I am buying or selling something as important as my home – I want to know it is being handled by an experienced expert.” Mark Stein is a leader in real estate sales – buying or selling.

Mark Stein is RESULTS orientated. Nothing but. No short cuts to success. Hard work, dedication and honesty make the difference!

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Mark Stein

Mark puts his clients’ interests ahead of his own. Always!

"I'm Selling Halifax!"