The cost of doing business


  1. Legal fees: Approximately $950.00
  2. Taxes: There are two components to this. A) Municipal taxes are paid in advance in Nova Scotia. Taxes, on closing, are proportioned so that you will pay the tax amount owing based on your closing date and the next billing cycle (which is October 31st and April 30th) B) There is a deed transfer tax which is paid on closing that equals 1.5% of your purchase price. So, if your purchase price is $300,000. the deed transfer tax is $4,500.
  3. Home Inspection: Approximately $450.00
  4. Oil Adjustment: If your home is heated by oil, your lawyer will add to your closing costs the cost of a full tank of oil. The seller provides the oil, and you are reimbursing them for the cost. Approximately $900.00
  5. Power, water, internet, cable hookups.


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